Comprehensive Exam Information

This is an inclusive evaluation of the student's mastery of the field of concentration. Before taking it, the student must have (a) completed most graduate course work, (b) completed any related area requirements, and (c) be considered by their advisor to be adequately prepared in their major fields. Admission to candidacy for the doctoral degree requires adequate performance on the comprehensive examination.

The Department changed the Comprehensive Exam format in 2021. Students enrolled in the PhD program prior to Fall 2021 have the option to take the old version of the comprehensive exam. Students that enrolled in the PhD program in Fall 2021 or later take the exam in the current format. 

Please see the Graduate Program Policy Manual for details about the old and current exam formats. Students that are eligible and wish to exercise the option to take the exam in the old format should fill out the Pre-2021 Comps Choice Form.


Exam Reading Lists & Example Questions