Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate major is one of the most popular in NMSU’s College of Arts and Sciences. A degree in psychology can help you understand human behavior, as well as build problem solving, interpersonal, and writing skills that can help you in any profession.

We offer a wide variety of undergraduate classes including:



Psychology classroom with students

As a psychology major, you will have the opportunity to learn how the brain works, how and why emotions affect us, how we learn, the varied reasons why humans do what we do, and how to use the methods of science to find answers to questions about human thought and behavior. A minor in psychology complements many undergraduate majors such as criminal justice, nursing, education, kinesiology, and others. Undergraduates have the opportunity to develop their own research skills working closely with faculty members on ongoing research projects. Many of our undergraduate alumni get careers in government, business, and industry settings; some of our alumni go to graduate school in psychology, medical school, law school, and MBA programs.

We also recommend that you check out these groups to further your educational and career goals in psychology: