Dr. Andrew R.A Conway


Department Head

Office: SH 220

Phone: (575)646-2502

Email: aconway@nmsu.edu

Personal webpage: https://caliberlab.wixsite.com/website

Area of Research:  Dr. Conway's research is aimed at understanding individual differences in cognitive abilities. People differ in their cognitive abilities and these differences matter in life, in terms of academic achievements, job performance, income, and health. Dr. Conway's research is concerned with how cognitive abilities are measured and what role they play in various real-world cognitive tasks such as learning new information, reading and listening comprehension, and decision making.


  • B.S. in Computer Science & Psychology from Union College in 1991
  • M.A. in Experimental Psychology from University of South Carolina in 1993
  • Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with a minor in Statistics from University of South Carolina in 1996