Psychology and Covid-19: Spring 2021

PSY Classes:  

All Department of Psychology classes will be offered online in Fall 2020.  Some will be synchronous (some or all meetings online at designated times), others will be asynchronous (work assigned but not meeting at specific times).  Specific information (coursework, assignment deadlines etc.) will be shared by each class instructor.   Contact your instructor first!

Note: Other departments may be offering face-to-face classes in the building, so be advised that there may be crowds of people moving in and out of classrooms and the building at different times throughout the day.

Psychology Office Opening

The Psychology main office will be open on Tuesdays each week and some Fridays during the semester.  The other days of the week, other department offices in Science Hall will be open and those other departments will take their turns on the other Fridays.
Visitors to the Psychology office will need to KNOCK and then will be admitted in the order of arrival, and one at a time in the department office.

The Science Hall department offices will be open as follows:

Mondays – Sociology (SH 286)

Tuesdays – Psychology (SH 220)

Wednesdays – Mathematical Sciences (SH 236)

Thursdays – Computer Science (SH 123)

Fridays – rotating around the departments:  PSY on 8/21, 9/18, 10/16, 11/13.

These times will also be posted around the building.

Visiting Science Hall:

ALL visitors will need to:

    • have completed NMSU’s return to campus training (different versions for students and faculty/staff)
    • be masked whenever in the building
    • follow all signs relating to distancing, face coverings, direction of foot traffic
    • observe social distancing (6 ft minimum, more where possible)
    • sanitize/wash hands thoroughly and regularly at stations/restrooms throughout the building
    • (as needed) clean/disinfect work areas, door handles, and other surfaces regularly
    • wait in line (suitably spaced) outside offices if someone is already inside
    • enter department offices one person at a time (unless absolutely necessary, e.g. parent and small child)
    • share name with office staff (in case of contact tracing)
    • leave the building promptly after your business (or class) is completed

Research Participants:

Much research will have moved online during the semester.  Some labs may resume in-person data collection.  In order to do so they will have had to submit a specific plan for how participants will gain access to the labs, and for appropriate measures to minimize potential for infection.  Details for any experiments should be shared with participants via email, and/or the SONA sign-up system. Check with the contact person for your experiment and know the details (time, location, contact person etc.) before you enter the building.

Faculty & Graduate Students:
(Must have completed return to campus training!).
Consistent with University guidelines, most faculty and graduate students will continue to work from home except when necessary. Presence on campus will be for approved, purposes, generally for pre-approved laboratory data collection (see VPR’s office website for information on “Return to research”).  All visits to the building should be logged (time in, time out, spaces visited) in case contact tracing is needed. Visits to the main office may require getting in line and waiting your turn if others are ahead of you when you arrive.
Sanitize work areas, surfaces, handles etc., at beginning, during and at end of work period.


Additional Covid-19 resources: