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Academic Calendar

I want to petition the college to wave a time restriction (Add, change, drop, withdraw etc)

I want to submit a waver or substitution of a required course: SUBSTITUTION-AND-WAIVER-DOCUMENT

I want to apply for a degree

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Undergraduate Students only:

I want to change my current schedule (late registration or closed course)

I am an undergraduate and I want to take a graduate course: UG taking GA course

I want to declare a minor in psychology: Psych Minor Form


Graduate Students only:

I want to apply for a travel award

I want to complete the pre-2021 comprehensive exam: Pre-2021 Comps Choice Form

I want to see the Cognitive/Engineering Fall 2021 comprehensive exam reading list: Fall 2021 Cognitive/Engineering Comps Reading List

I want to submit a thesis approval form: thesis-proposal-approval-form

I need a cover sheet for my master's dissertation defense: MA Announcement

I need a cover sheet for my PhD dissertation defense: PHD Announcement

I am traveling (domestic destination): Checklist for domestic travel

I am traveling (International destination): Student checklist for international travel

I want to change offices: GRAD STUDENT OFFICES

I need to submit a Committee Composition Form: Committee Form Revised (3)

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