Science Hall, location of the Psychology Department

Science Hall, home of the Psychology Department

Have you ever wondered how the brain works or why people think and behave the way they do?

If so, consider an undergraduate or graduate degree in Psychology from New Mexico State University.



9 reasons to choose NMSU for graduate study in psychology




About the NMSU Department of Psychology

We offer training in experimental psychology at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Our eleven full-time faculty members offer students expert training in engineering psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology. Collectively, the faculty have been awarded every honor offered by NMSU. Our faculty research interests include human-automation interaction problems, visual and auditory perception, attachment theory and close relationships, evolved functions of emotion, social cognition, perceptual and cognitive development, prospective memory, motor learning, unmanned aircraft systems, cybersecurity, sexuality and gender, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of science, analytical and computational modeling techniques to evaluate inferential statistical procedures, and advances in research methods.

Our undergraduate major is one of the most popular in the College of Arts and Sciences. We offer a wide variety of undergraduate classes including abnormal, social, cognitive, sensation and perception, child development, adult development, perceptual and cognitive development, research methods, psychology of women, biopsychology, personality, emotion, sexual behavior, memory, learning, thinking, and psychology and the law. Undergraduates have the opportunity to develop their own research skills working closely with faculty members on ongoing research projects. Our bachelor’s alumni go on to graduate school in psychology, medical school, law school, MBA programs, and careers in a wide variety of government, business, and industry settings.

Our graduate program emphasizes development of research expertise in engineering, cognitive, or social psychology. We pride ourselves in the personal attention and customized training we offer our graduate students. Alumni of our graduate program are employed in a variety of industry, academic, and government settings including, Dell, Microsoft, Boeing, Google, IBM, Lexmark, Pearson Knowledge Technologies, Idaho National Labs, Sandia National Labs, Honeywell, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and the Naval Air Systems Command.




News from faculty members and graduate students


05/13/2016: NMSU president Garrey Carruthers, center, Provost Dan Howard, far left, and members of the NMSU Board of Regents present Tim Ketelaar, fourth from right, with an Above and Beyond Award in recognition of Ketelaar's outstanding service to the university. Ketelaar was joined by his spouse, Martha Ketelaar, third from right. (NMSU Photo)

Dr. Tim Ketelaar was awarded the Above and Beyond award by the NMSU Board of Regents.

title of a recent publication by Dr. Jing Chen

Recent work by Dr. Jing Chen and colleagues

Headline in Nature about Trafimow and Marks editorial regarding p values

Press coverage of Drs. Trafimow and Marks editorial decision to ban P-values in Basic and Applied Social Psychology;

Cover of monograph published by Dr. Thompson and colleagues

Monograph by Dr. Laura Thompson and colleagues

Lincoln lab

Arryn Robbins, a senior Ph.D. student, was selected as a Graduate Research Intern by the Lincoln Lab at MIT.