Why NMSU: Graduate Assistantship

A graduate assistantship has three big advantages.

  1. A graduate assistantship of at least 10 hours includes a waiver for the out-of-state portion of tuition. In other words, incoming students who receive a graduate assistantship pay only the in-state portion of tuition.
  2. A graduate assistantship includes a salary, paid every two weeks.
  3. A graduate assistantship offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience collaborating with faculty members, connections that can lead to other opportunities, including research collaborations, letters of recommendations, and other instructional positions.

Graduate assistants in the psychology department are usually teaching assistants. Teaching assistants help instructors teach courses in a variety of ways including leading class, leading discussion groups, assisting with labs, grading student work, or proctoring examinations. Teaching assistants are employed part-time for 10 or 20 hours/week (i.e., .25 or .50 FTE) by the psychology department.