Ph.D. Requirements (pre Fall 2016)

(for students who entered the program prior to Fall 2016)

At the Ph.D. level, students can select one of three emphases: engineering psychology, cognitive psychology, and social psychology.  These programs are three areas of possible emphasis rather than as three independent tracks as each program contributes to the strength of the others.

This program requires:

  • 40-70 credit hours (determined by committee)
  • completion of 4 of 9 core courses (engineering, cognitive, sensation and perception, learning, biopsychology, cognitive neuroscience, developmental, social and history and systems
  • completion of three required courses in quantitative skills plus a minimum of 6 additional credits in methods/statistics
  • a comprehensive exam
  • dissertation and defense
  • one credit of Research Seminar (PSY 590) each semester.
  • an internship of at least 3 months duration OR
  • teach at least one 3-credit undergraduate course independently.  Students must complete one of the following training programs prior to teaching:
    • *PSY 550 (Teaching of Psychology)
    • *Thirty-six hours of teaching-related training at the NMSU Teaching Academy
    • (e.g., the Teaching Scholars course) completed during the twelve months prior to teaching
    • *Complete the Preparing Future Faculty program or the Scientific Teaching Fellowship
    • *Complete another training program that has been approved by the Graduate Committee (e.g., team-teach with a faculty member).

Completion time: two to three years after the Master's