Engineering Psychology Program

 X-ray illustration of man moving

For twenty years NMSU has had one of the most respected programs in Engineering Psychology. The engineering psychology program emphasis is within the realm of human factors and usability. The research conducted by the engineering psychology analyzing how trust affects operator responses to automation recommendations, how operators monitor and control multiple unmanned aerial vehicles, visual search during luggage screening tasks, perceptual and cognitive processes in reading, simulation of human auditory perception, biases in the perception of moving objects, and selective attention. Students completing a degree in engineering psychology typically take positions in the computer industry working in the design and evaluation of user interfaces.

Traditionally, our program has emphasized the importance of being able to:

  • design, analyze, and interpret empirical research
  • incorporate research findings into principles of human performance
  • apply these principles to the design, use, and maintenance of human-machine-environment systems

These skills enable our graduates to succeed in any applied setting. Our program emphasizes interrelationships with cognitive psychology, including human-computer interaction and knowledge engineering.

Engineering Psychology Faculty