Core, Content, and Methods courses

Effective Fall 2016

Core Courses: The following three courses will fulfill the core course requirement for both the M.A. and the Ph.D. program

  • PSY 524, Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 527, Social Psychology
  • PSY 547, Engineering Psychology

Note: For both the M.A. and the Ph.D. programs, once a student fulfills the core requirement, the remaining two core courses can be can be considered content courses (i.e., students can enroll in either or both of them to fulfill the content course requirement).

All other courses are in one of the following three categories:

Content Stat Methods
PSY501, Psycholinguistics PSY507 PSY510, Computer Methodology
PSY520, Learning Theory & Methodology PSY508 PSY523, Methods in Cognitive Psychology
PSY522, Sensation & Perception Theory & Methodology PSY509 PSY529, Methods in Social Psychology
PSY525, Behavioral Neuroscience PSY548, Methods in Engineering Psychology
PSY530, HCI PSY550, Teaching of Psych
PSY531, Human Memory
PSY535, Developmental Psychology
PSY540, History & Systems of Psychology
PSY543, Cognitive Neuroscience

*Grandfather clause: Students enrolled in the M.A. or Ph.D. program prior to Fall 2016 can choose either the previous requirements or these requirements. However, either set of requirements must be chosen as a whole; specific elements of the two sets of requirements may not be mixed.

**PSY570, Special Topics may be considered content, stat, or methods depending on the specific content of the course.

PSY590 will be offered for credit but students are not required to enroll in it each semester (i.e., students can enroll if they want/need to). However, all students should attend and actively participate in PSY590 regardless of whether they enroll in the course.