Dr. Melissa Guynn

Associate Professor Dr. Melissa Guynn, Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: SH 323

Phone: (575) 646-1047

E-mail: mguynn@nmsu.edu

Personal Webpage: http://wordpress.nmsu.edu/mguynn/

My primary research interests are in the area of human memory.¬† One line of work focuses on prospective memory, or memory to do things in the future in the absence of a direct prompt to remember.¬† My students and I are exploring the factors that impact task interference, or the impaired performance on an ongoing task when a prospective memory task is embedded compared to when it is not.¬† Another line of work focuses on retrospective memory, or memory for information learned in the past, usually in the presence of a direct prompt to remember.¬† My interests in this area include the generation-recognition model of recall, the distinction between organizational and distinctive effects on memory, and collaborative inhibition in memory.¬† More generally, I‚Äôm also interested in how the construct of a ‚Äúretrieval mode‚ÄĚ supports both prospective and retrospective memory.


  • B.A. –¬†Furman University, 1991
  • M.A. – Rice University, 1994
  • Ph.D. – University of New Mexico, 2001