Department Scholarship Travel Form

The Psychology Department offers funding to graduate students in good standing who have a first-author poster or presentation accepted at a regional, national, or international conference and who list their institutional affiliation as NMSU.

Department funds will be awarded independent of other university funds (e.g., ASNMSU). All awards are subject to availability of funds. Funds can be used to defray costs associated with transportation, lodging, and/or conference registration up to $500/student/academic year. Students may apply more than once in an academic year for different conferences; students may not apply more than once for the same conference.

Scholarship Travel Award applications should be submitted to the Chair of the Graduate Committee (submit to department office for the moment). Attach documentation confirming acceptance of first-author poster/presentation and a documented estimate of your travel or lodging costs. Decisions/financial allocations will be made by the Graduate Committee based on the merit of each application.

Application deadlines: January 30, May 15, and September 15 (or the nearest business day to those dates)