Career Opportunities with a B.A. in Psychology 

A bachelor’s degree in psychology helps students develop skills crucial to success in the working world, such as facility in written and oral communication, the ability to work with diverse others, and the ability to think logically to solve complex problems. These skills make psychology majors qualified to work in a wide variety of careers, including social services, business, education, and government.

This poster, created by Drew and Karen Appleby, lists a sampling of job titles for which a bachelor’s degree in psychology is a good fit.

This document, presents the same information with links to more information about each of the job titles.

These books also offer lots of helpful information and resources for psychology majors:

The Psychology Major: Career Options and Strategies for Success by R Eric Landrum and Stephen F. Davis

The Psychology Major Career Preparation Workbook: Planning for your Career Success by Bernardo J. Carducci and Jaye Van Kirk