For prospective graduate students

The graduate program offers an on-campus Master’s degree and PhD.  We offer training in cognitive, engineering, and social psychology. Our department is a member of the Western Regional Graduate Program, offering in-state tuition to students from member states.

Our program uses an apprenticeship model where students learn how to conduct original research by collaborating closely with their advisor. Thus, a close match between the research interests of the student and his/her advisor is a critical factor in our admission decisions.

All baccalaureate level students who enter the Ph.D. program enroll initially as master’s students. Upon completion of the master’s degree, a student may be admitted into the Ph.D. program, contingent on the recommendation of the student’s master’s committee and the vote of the whole faculty. In addition, students who have completed their master’s degrees at another institution can be admitted directly into the Ph.D. program.

The number of department graduate students has been maintained at approximately 50 students over the past decade. About two-thirds of those students are working towards a Master’s degree and the one-third is working towards a doctorate.

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