Meet the Faculty, Staff, and Grad Students

Austin, Erin (Visiting Assistant Professor)

Developmental/health psychology, peer victimization, health outcomes, interpersonal relationships

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Dolgov, Igor  (Associate Professor)

Perception and action, natural user interfaces, embodied cognition, human factors, and unmanned aircraft systems

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Fraune, Marlena (Assistant Professor)

Social human-robot interaction (HRI) in intergroup contexts

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picture of Bea GuzmanGuzman, Beatrice (Admin Assistant)

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Dr. Melissa Guynn, Associate Professor of PsychologyGuynn, Melissa (Associate Professor)

Prospective memory

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03/31/2015: NMSU psychology professor Michael Hout (Photo by Darren Phillips)

Hout, Michael (Associate Professor)

Visual Cognition, visual attention, memory, eye-movements, and computational modeling.

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11/14/2014: NMSU psychology professor Tim Ketelaar. (Photo by Darren Phillips)

Ketelaar, Timothy (Associate Professor)

Emotion, evolutionary psychology, philosophy of science

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Dr. James. K. Kroger, Associate Professor in the NMSU Psychology DepartmentKroger, Jim (Associate Professor)

Neural dynamics, control of attention, functional organization of the frontal cortex, neural processing of analogical and other forms of reasoning, controlling devices with thought.

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Dr. Justin MacDonaldMacDonald, Justin
(Associate Professor)

inferential statistical procedures, auditory sensation and perception, decision-making under uncertainty, and the mathematical/computational modeling of phenomena in these areas.

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Dr. Laura Madson, Associate Professor in the NMSU Psychology DepartmentMadson, Laura (Associate Professor)

Gender, sexuality, scholarship of teaching and learning

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Dr. Michael Marks, Associate Professor in the NMSU Psychology DepartmentMarks, Michael (Associate Professor)

close relationships, attachment, and emotion

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Dr. Dominic SimonSimon, Dominic (Department Head)

Human learning and memory, motor learning, skill acquisition

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Trafimow, David (Professor)

Social cognition, attributions and memory for events and persons, methodological, statistical, and philosophical issues pertaining to science.

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J.R. Cowie (Emeritus), Ph.D. (Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland) – automatic language processing, psycholinguistics

V. S. Johnston (Emeritus), Ph.D. (Edinburgh)– biopsychology, comparative, psychopharmacology, neuropsychology

J. E. McDonald (Emeritus), Ph.D. (New Mexico State University)– cognitive psychology, engineering psychology

L. Thompson (Emerita), Ph.D. (University of California Santa Cruz)-cognitive/developmental psychology

K. Paap (Emeritus) Ph.D. (Wisconsin)– psycholinguistics

R. Schvaneveldt (Emeritus) Ph.D. (Wisconsin)– engineering psychology, aviation

W. Stephan (Emeritus) Ph.D. (Minnesota)– stereotyping and prejudice, cross-cultural psychology


Current graduate students

Student Email address Area Advisor
Beasley, Morgan Social Marks
Berg, Mary Cognitive Kroger
Covey, Lee Anna  Engineering Dolgov
Henning, Daniel Cognitive MacDonald
Kang, Youngjin Social Trafimow
Madrid, Jessica Cognitive Hout
Morrow, Audrey Cognitive Kroger
Myuz, Hunter Social Trafimow
Penn, Rebecca Cognitive Hout
Pyle, Michael Social Trafimow
Ruckel, Lindsay Social Trafimow
Sabic, Edin Engineering Hout
Sandin, Hailey Cognitive Hout
Scarince, Collin Cognitive Hout
Stimatze, Tamara Social Madson
Underwood, Adam aunderw1@nmsu.ed Cognitive Guynn
White, Bryan Cognitive Hout
Wu, Ashley Social Marks
Young, Tara Social Marks